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Best 30-30 Buck

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Here is the best Mulie buck I have ever shot. 30-30 ,sierra 150 gr... I guess BIG straw hats were in back then...

show us yours!
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Great picture and a very nice buck! I like the hat, is there something wrong with it ;D?
8 or 10 gallon hat? ;D
LT said:
8 or 10 gallon hat? ;D
BY gawd thats at least a 15 gallon model iffen I ever seed one ........I think it even has a 4 gallon reserve too
Great hat! Great shooting, and I wished I had a pic of my Mulie from 92 with my 30-30. Back then it was just meat. Now I trophy hunt... ::) This is the best one I have a pic for a 30-30: Load was 170gr. Core lokt with 34gr. of BL-C(2)

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Thanks for the comments...Nice White tail DR. A!

Don't be embarrassed with those Hats, go ahead and post those old hunting pics!
Hey Picket...anybody ever tell you that you sorta resemble Ted Nugent in that just need you a long ponytail to complete the look!!
Just forked horns so far. To beat up to chase these dang blacktails too far back. My best ones were taken with off topic guns and cars ;D ;D. Them cars got huge meplats though. ;)
My son got this one year before last with his Marlin 336 stainless steel 30-30

Same deer one year later
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35, that is a pretty buck! bet you are a proud Dad!
picketpin said:
35, that is a pretty buck! bet you are a proud Dad!
Here is my best 30-30 Vancouver Island Blacktail deer.
I used my 170 gr hornady reloads
Nice deer fellas! I bet those are some good memories.
12/2008, 75yds, iron sights, 1986 336 3030, Menard Co, Tx- WT
11/2010 120 and 70 yds, nikon 4x, 1968 336 .35, 200gr rem. coreloks, Kimble Co- axis
Hey 35
I love that mount of your sons deer. It's got great character to it! It looks like it's gettin ready to talk to you.

Great shootin'

Got to be a Man, to wear a hat like that,and get away with it ;D But it just may of brought ya luck. This one I shot years and years ago,with a 336 with open sights in 30-30.Gunrunner,,
Gunrunner, hmm... I'm thinking you gotta be more of a man to wear that hat.. And just where are your clothes? Nice buck BTW!

Clothes,mostly underwear and shoes, are optional in South Carolina ;D Thats my thinking cap ;) Check my Derby out ;D That buck was killed maybe 20 years ago.shot this one with a 30-30 too.
Shot fall of 2009. First year could use rifle in my hunting unit. Had been shotgun forever. 1976 336 30/30 leverevolution. 40 yds neck shot. DRT. First deer I shot with rifle. Lots of holes in paper though!
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