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Been really quiet on this forum branch. Anybody been shooting lately?

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I have not been to the range in a while. Crappy weather and lack of motivation. Our local public range closes when there is any snow on the road. The road isn't maintained and it stays closed till things thaw. So far, we have had several snows here and they have stuck since nearly 2 weeks ago.

How about ya'll?

Keep warm
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We have snow and ice.. plus other issues prevent me from shooting I sure miss it.
They're calling for temps in the mid-40's this weekend... ;D ;D ;D It will be a nice change of pace from the -10*F we've had lately.

Oh, Happy Days! I've got so many different loads worked up, one day at the range will barely scratch the surface. I just hope it isn't too crowded to get any shooting done. The serious testing can wait, but it has been so long since I've had decent trigger time, the Mrs. is actually to encouraging me to go. That gives you an idea of how bad my attitude has gotten without the benefit of nostrils full of burned powder. ;) ;D
I busted the road open to the range in late January but was unable to get in a few days later. :-\ I need to get out there and sight in my 1895 real soon so I will try again. Snow was about 20" deep before so I will probably chain up because I really want to use the benches. ;D ;D ;D
janott said:
I busted the road open to the range in late January but was unable to get in a few days later. :-\ I need to get out there and sight in my 1895 real soon so I will try again. Snow was about 20" deep before so I will probably chain up because I really want to use the benches. ;D ;D ;D
I've done that 3 times this winter. Lacking 4WD you just aren't getting to either of the ranges I frequent. Come on ladies, get out there and do some shooting. Surely it isn't just the guys that shoot in the bad weather!
I had it in 4 low and gave it heck and the snow was flying over the hood! ;D ;D ;D It's packed hard now so chains are a must and your better to put them on before you have to. ;D ;D ;D
Hi achildofthesky, Here in NE Florida the weather has been very cold this season. We've been down to 19 degrees and below 32 for at LEAST 60 days. This evening it is supposed to go to 31. We've also have had over 5 inches of rain this past weekend. When you want to go you can't. I'm hoping the spring weather will be better. We've had some warm days, but they're when you can't go.
Gee Marla it's 21 below zero with no wind outside where I'm at at it gets colder that that at times. ;D ;D
Since I wrote yesterday, we have got about 18" of new snow! In AARGHFRIGGINKANSAS! Come here Al Gore and I have your global warming for you. Just one more thing that can put me in the hospital.

Be safe and keep warm all
Hi Patty, We warmed up today and dried out a little, but tomorrow is back to rain. The normal temperature in NE FL from December to March is 40-65 degrees with a few days into the 20's and 30's. This year has been colder than the last 30 years with more days below freezing than any year past. We are expected to be down to 30 on Friday and Saturday again. Some parts of this area this morning had ice frozen on their windshields. Not the usual year here. I came from NY and know what cold can be. Stay well.
I shot far more often in worse weather, blizzard type weather, at my former outdoor range than out here. Plus I had the option of using an indoor range at my former local gun store back east. The outdoor range was less than 15 miles away in another county from my home. The indoor range was about 30 some miles via a turnpike in another county from my home.

Out here, at our rifle range, it is solid ICE, not just snow, that you have to deal with. You have to use a 4WD and/or chains to get up the hill to the range from the entrance. MM was at the range a few times in this ICY weather the last few weeks with a close friend of ours - a great rifleman - a Nam era Marine. I wanted to go but I had to finish up the house plan bids and some other personal stuff. When I did plan on going on two different days, the wind was howling through the canyons and all around the mountains not counting that horrific ICE where you could not get a good footing to STAND UP worse off exiting the truck.

Since I finished the FINAL house bids/plans/shopping and another personal thing in my life - I want to shoot on Sunday. We have plans for Monday evening so I am not sure about Monday during the day. I would not mind taking a trip to one or more lakes either... I like to do that when it is desolate and covered with snow/ice. Maybe I can take some pictures of the water and forests.

Take care, keep warm and blessings to all of you.

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Patty, A mere piddlin 18" and you pitch a hissy like that ?!?!?!?! ;D

Our official measurement over here was 25", but I got drifts in my yard a whole lot deeper than that. :eek:
h d hawg'r - You got me there! We drove to LR yesterday and the trip down was rather sporting at times, especially east of Russelville. Coming back and the roads were predominantly clear and dry on 40W and 540N. Out little slice of heaven (in the city limits) hasn't seen a plow yet and if the past is an indication of the future, it never will.

Be safe and watch out for the goomers on the roads
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