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Been away for a while

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Not that anybody would know or really care, but I took my 39 AS to the range yesterday for the first time in months. I finally got out. I am more impressed with it now than I was before. I couldn't hold it steady enough to do any real damage but that machine did it's part alright.

Anyway, my post is to inform those that might be having problems with the FTF. I shot fifty rounds yesterday, not a real good sample, but all went bang when the hammer hit them. All I did was remove the firing pin and polish and lube it. Moves without a gritty feeling now.

I was shooting Federals and it ate every one. Well, that is after I tried the first two and then released the cross bolt safety. Hey, that safety really works. ;D Mine seems to like Federals better than anything else.

Next trip I will take the rest and see if I can hit what I look at.

Just stopped in to say howdy and share my little tid bit of information.
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Great news to hear! I like to hear good Marlin 39A shooting stories.

My husband shot his Marlin Golden 39A a couple of days ago and she performed flawlessly. His rifle (Mine too!) loves regular Federal bulk pack and American Eagle bulk pack 'red box' made by Federal (Both in 22LR). His rifle does Not like one type of Winchester 22LR but I can't remember what type of Winchester ammunition off hand. I never used any Winchester ammo in mine. I use the (Super Walmart) Federal bulk pack and once in a blue moon some American Eagle in my Marlin and other 22LR firearms... present and previously owned firearms.

Take care and good shooting to you!

Safety's on a lever gun can make me think, and sometimes say, bad things. A good cleaning makes everthing work better, except I have found most rifles like a fouled shot bore to shoot their best. I agree with Catherine, you have to shoot several brands to find what your rifle likes best, but it sure is nice if it is something like the bulk pack Federals from Wally World. I have found most of my rimfires like them Federals just fine.
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