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Batson Blade Symposium

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If anyone is near Birmingham Al this is worth going to. There will be some world class bladesmiths there and some of the most famous knife makers in the world. You will learn a great deal about knife making and there will be a knife show, auction, and cutting contest.

I went about 6 years ago and plan to go this year.
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Coalsmoke I hope you got some pictures while you were there, I'd love to see some of the treasures those guys have on display. Thanks for the information.

It is coming up this weekend. I will take my camera and post some pics next week.

You are right, there will be some treasures on display. I could spend a lot of money.
Thanks Coalsmoke I'll be looking forward to it, almost as good as being there....well, not quite, but it'll save me plenty of money....grin.

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