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Basic trigger safety tests: Bump test and push off test

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This is a simple and easy test to check and see if your firearm is safe to take out to the woods after doing trigger work. These tests are simply things I've learned from those more experienced, and are a must do if you do a trigger job and need to know how safe the firearm is.

Firearms safety tips...
1. Make sure the firearm is unloaded.
2. At all times keep the muzzle of the barrel away from the hands, face, other digits on your body, pets, and family.
3. Keep the muzzle pointed in a SAFE direction!
4. If you have a cross bolt safety as pictured, even though I didn't, put it in safe mode! The hammerblock safety will allow the hammer to fall further forward then the halfcock. It can't hurt a thing by putting it on.

These tests are tests that if done improperly, or if too much pressure is applied to the hammer, or the firearm is dropped from too high you could damage your firearm. If you are not willing to read the directions as stated, damage may occur to your firearm. These tests are to make sure your firearm is SAFE and only need to be done 3 TIMES AT BEST. Repetitive tests like this COULD result in damage! Keep in mind your replicating dropping your firearm or bumping it on hard surfaces, which can cause damage!

These two basics tests are called the bump test, and the push off test.

The Bump test

This is a basic test, where you take the firearm, put it in full cock, and bump the firearm onto a soft surface via the butt of the gun to see if the shock from bumping it can make the hammer slip off the sear of the trigger. You don't need to beat the gun into the carpet, and a simple drop from a few inches will suffice. DO NOT BEAT THE GUN ON THE FLOOR OR DROP IT FROM NO MORE THAN 3 INCHES! After you have done this in the half cock position, you need to do this in the FULL cock position. Here is an example...

The Push off test

This is another simple and easy test to do to see if your firearm is in safe working condition after doing any type of trigger work. You put the gun in half cock the proper way, and then put thumb pressure on the back of the hammer. You do not need to put gorilla type pressure on the back of the hammer, just a positive nudge is all it takes. The idea is to be able to make the hammer slip off the trigger with pressure. Here is an example...

After this is done in half cock, you need to do this in full cock as such...

After the completion of these tests, they should prove that you have a safe firearm and a solid trigger and hammer mechanism and you're ready for the woods. I used my marlin 39a so I could take it apart and show a basic cut away of what a marlin looks like on the inside. The 39a differs slightly but it is still almost identical.

Halfcock cut away (Notice how there is positive engagement between the trigger and hammer at halfcock)

Fullcock cut away

Broader view of the action itself

DISCLAIMER: Trigger work should only be done by a competent qualified gunsmith, or someone that knows what they are doing and is confident in their mechanical abilities to safely work on a firearm. Any damage done by you with the information in this is your own responsibility, and not mine or Marlin Owners. Work on your firearms at your own risks. They are NOT toys.
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