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Barrel (top) to receiver (top) 12 o-clock index reference

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I never had a barrel off a receiver and wanted to know if the threads on the barrel are "right hand" ?

Here is the situation, I bring the rifle to my shoulder and attempt to use the factory sights. I can "see" that the "top" of the barrel is not at 12 o-clock. If I imagine that I am shooting a clock face the front blade and rear sight are near 1 o-clock.

So now another question... is the barrel (over tightened) or (under tightened) ?

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Looks to be a little under tightened.. Makes me wonder if it just bottomed out or they didn't go far enough. I had zero luck trying to take my 1894 barrel off, that thing was on there tight! I think a barrel vice and some sort of receiver wrench could be needed, or a smith!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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