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Barrel mounted peep sight

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I'm planning on ordering the barrel mounted peep sight for my Marlin 795. I was wondering what aperture size do you recommend? Should I get the .125 or.155? Thanks.
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IIRC, the default that comes is a .090'. If I am correct, that one is good for hunting in normal light. Can remove it for a .200" ghost ring (again, IIRC). If you want to shoot target/precision, then I think Andy has a .040" peep. Double check me on all these measurements, as I am doing this from memory.
Hello Hongster,

I usually ship with the .096" aperture (because we always have) but I can tell you on my own I use the .155 out on the barrel. For the standard receiver mounted sights I do prefer the .096" for an all around choice.

Thanks OscarFlyTyer for the input! Correct, .200" with the aperture removed. (Which works great with the barrel mount)

Hope that helps,

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Hey Hongster, I did a review of this sight that you can read here if you're interested:,78733.0.html

It is a great little sight. I generally do like Oscar said and alternate between either the standard aperture or just remove it and use a ghost ring.
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