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Back to tweeking on 7-08 stock.

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Ok deer season is over and I have resumed tweeking on my 7-08. I did stiffen the forestock by epoxying a dowel rod and I did end up free floating the barrel. This past week I worked up some loads with the Hornady 139 gr. Spire Points and SST's
The Spire points were set of the lands 0.10 and they still fit in my magazine. The SST's were set 0.40 off the lands in order for them to fit my magazine. Here are the recipes

Hornady 139 gr. SpirePoint
Winchester brass with CCI primers
Varget powder 41.2 through 41.5 grains shooting 3 shot groups

Hornady 139 gr. SST
Winchester brass with CCI primers
Varget powder 41.5 through 43.0 grains in .5 gr. increments shooting 4 shot groups.

The Spire Points shot consistantly under 1 inch.
41.2 = 3 shot group - 0.67
41.3 = 3 shot group - 0.99
41.4 = 3 shot group - 0.89
41.5 = 3 shot group - 0.86

The SST's liked 42.5 grains with that much jump
41.5 = 4 shot group - 2.862
42.0 = 4 shot group - 2.469
42.5 = 4 shot group - 0.703
43.0 = 4 shot group - 1.638
43.5 = 4 shot group - 1.975

I've tried to post pictures of the groups and even compressed them to fit but alass it's not letting me post them. :mad:
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Hence why i shoot the spire points.... Changing .1 of a grain is pretty much just exercise/practice in a sporter rifle. Brass volume varies that much.
I love my marlin 7mm-08. It has shot very well with all the bullets I tried in it. they are the sierra 140 gr. btsp, speer 145 gr. btsp, lee 130 gr. lead gas check. I have the hornady 139 btsp and 175 gr,sp to try as soon as I can get to the range. I also free floated the barrel and beded the action plus cut barrel to 20". most of the time if I do my part it will make a ragged hole at 100yds with the jacked bullets. the lead ones do about 1 1/2" to 2" at 100 yards. those I use on tin cans and can hit them all day long. :)
Do like reading that 08 stuff!!!!!!! I have a three month old xs7 also. Retired a 06, so I had 3031,4064,and 4895 powder, bought dies and a box of 139's from Mr Larry at Midway, stuffed some with 42.5 grs. of 4064, and don't know if I'll even try anything else, course I know that won't hold water. Us reloaders can't leave well enough alone LOL. The gun is capable of lots better accuracy than I can shoot. T REX
Try Imr 4350. All I can get in the case with 140 gr BT shoots one hole 5 shot groups out of my sons Stevens. Also shot about as well out of a 700 Bdl I used to have. It would shoot 2.25" @ 300 yd back when I could see better.
A little history on this rifle is when I bought it the best it would do was 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inch groups with most all the factory ammo I tried. It would start stringing shots to the right when the barrel heated up as well. I sanded the left side of the forestock down and got the clearance I needed and was able to keep the same POI and a rough 1-1/2 in. group. It was good enough to get me through deer season and managed to take a doe with the gun.
So like I said since the season is over I did free float and stiffen the stock and start working up some loads to get where I'm at now.
I do believe the problem has been in the stock and I just ended up with one made on a Monday or a Friday if you know what I mean.
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