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Back in the game!

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I had to sell my last 1895 back in early December. I recovered, but as always when I do that, I "have" to replace them! Was browsing, found this puppy on GB and decided I "just couldn't go on w/o it"! ha. It has been slimmed down,etc. I like it, just different enough to be interesting, light/slimm enough to hunt these mountains with. I'm jazzed!
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Glad to hear that. Welcome back!
1895Gunner said:
Glad to hear that. Welcome back!
Nice find. Glad you are back in the game.

Welcome back!!!
Very nice!!! 8)
Looks like a full length mag tube to boot!!!
Congrats and enjoy!!! :)
Thanks guys. This rifle was "built" before the Guide guns came out the fellow said. It does have a full length mag, stock has been slimmed down and left smoothed. I found that I prefer pistol grips/and standard levers. It just looked like it would be alot of fun and comfort up in the mountains, especially on a nasty, snowy day. I think I am going to have a green firesite front bead put on it, maybe do the peep/scope combo. Its coming with QD rings and scope base, looks like it has a nice recoil pad. I am pleased.
I did the peep'scope base combo that Marshall Stanton described on Bearttoth's site on other rfiles. The 444P I played with needed a super short front base/sight in order to work with the FP peep to clear a scope in Medium rings. I am going to try the irons first on this one as a back up only.
Rifle finally got here! It is one neat little puppy! The stock has been thinned down, smooth walnut and it handles just like my 336RC. I mounted the Weaver 1x3 on it, and it is ready for the range. I will post some pics "whenever" I finally get to shoot! I am going to play with my mild, jacketed loads first, and later on get serious with zeroing it with these Beartooth Pile Driver Lites and Alliant 2400.
Welcome back Preacher. Very nice rifle. Love that pistol grip. Much prefer them over straight grip guns.
Finally got to the range today. I cleaned barrel well, and tried some handloads. So far, nothing stands out. Started with 24 through 26 gr 2400 under remington 300HP. Then tried some hot R7 loads, too much kick for me! I am going to start over from scratch. Think I will start at 45gr w/H4198 and the rem 300. I will work up to 50 or less, I don't want alot of recoil, this little rifle weighs about as much as Marlin 336 30-30! Whew! It sure handles sweet, but let me tell you, those hot R7 rounds worked on me! When I have a load with the rems, I will then play with the 300 Speers I have. I want to get bewtween 1600 & 1800 out of this 18" bbl.
Rev Jim,
I had not shot that gun for several years before you bought it.Before Hornady made a 350 FP I used a lot of the 350 RN bullets.RL 7 at 50 grains shot well as I recall but might be more recoil than you want.AA 2015 also worked well with the same bullet but I don't remember the exact charge weight but it was a stiff load.I also remember the Hawk 350 FP working well with AA2015.I hope this may help you in finding a load you like.I'm also glad you like the gun.
Well Hello George! Yes sir, I really do like this little rifle! I too have used the Hornady 350RN through other rifles, and I shot one round through it that I had on hand. I had some 350RN over 46gr H4198, and it was fine. In fact, I think H4198 has more of a push, while I find R7 to be 'snappy". Out here, that 350 Hornady RN is very popular in the 45-70.
I like how this rifle feels like a 336/30-30! It is light, yes, but it's just right for this one-eyed preacher to pack in the mountains,! Good to hear from you brassloader! And thanks again for selling me this rifle!
Little rifle shot well with Remington 300HP over 48gr H4198 today. Groups right at 1 3/4" with scope on 3x. Didn't get to clock it,range not set up for it really. Hopefully next week I can go to a different range where I can set up my Chrony. I am trying AA2400 and the Remington 405 , 4 rds each 26, 27, 28gr and see what they will do. This little rifle may be MagNaPorted, but it is so light it doesn't take many top end loads to rattle my cage! Whew, I am going to focus on top end Trapdoor levels. Plenty for deer/hogs/timber elk....and BigFoot.!
Hi Preacher,
It doesn't take long to replace a marlin, does it? And who could blame you.
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