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I went to the range to chrono a few loads. I shot both 5.5 inch barrel and the 6.5 in barrel 44 Blackhawk(supper) and the Marlin 44.

200 Gr. RNFP w/5.4 Gr. of Bullseye Pistol 870 Rifle 1057
250 Gr. KSWC w/16 Gr. AA#9 Pistol 1250 Rifle 1550
300 Gr. GDSP w/20.2 Gr. H110 (Only load w/Mag Primer) Pistol 1170 Rifle 1530

At 25 yards the rifle fed and grouped all loads within a 1" circle +- .25" The pistol and the hot loads made for a bit of a hand full but finished with a 1.5 inch group. The 200 Gr. bullets were fun to shoot and accurate enough for plinking and small game. The heavy loads were good for large game but would take concentration as you had to hold tight and have excellent sight picture.

I was happy with how the rifle functioned and how it handled the loads. Any of these would be great out to 50 yards and the heavy loads would have enough energy for 100 to 150 yard shots. After that the drop would be too great for iron sight accuracy. If scoped the range could be out to 175. You would have to know what your clicks were to change elevation past that point.

I was very pleased with the 300 Gr. as I had thought that it would have trouble grouping with a 1/36 twist. I would like to see how it does at 100 yards. That will have to wait until the law suit is finished.

God Bless You and Keep You Safe!

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