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At long last

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I put my permit to aquire (PTA) into the local Weapons Licensing Branch on 3rd Nov and with the new IMPROVED (Cough, cough) computer system I finally got it late last week. ;D ;D
I picked up my 99 444SS and put a few test shots through her. A blast (Excuse the pun.) My mate was shooting his 338 Lapua. A fun time for a few hours.

Just put a Burris FF II 3-9 x 40 with deadnutz mounts on.

It will be my go to gun for larger pigs and game.
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Good for ya, glad to have you among us. Now you need to go join Team 444. Pics please, pics. ;D Just can't beat a 444!
Congrats, and well done! The 444 should do all you need it to, what ammo was you using?
Sorry for being away for a bit but talking to the family in Christchurch.

Was using LE's. They were cheaper than Remmy's.

Photo's will come when I can find the camera charge cord.

Team 444 application in 1895Gunner
Good to hear you got your .444 Hunter. How are the rellies in Christchurch?

whats with all the team #s , guess I will have to join the 308,30-30,44,41,357,22 teams
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