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So, A few months ago my neighbor is having a yard sale and I ask him "Got any guns you want to get rid of?"
He says "nah, I got a Marlin 39 and a Winchester 94 but they aint fer sale."
I say "O.K. and if you ever want to sell 'em I'd like to take a look".
He said O.K. "if I ever cant pay the Dr. Bills I'll holler at ya"

Fast forward to yesterday
I get home from work and see that the neighbors are having another yard sale, so I walk over to say hi and look around a bit. I ask if he has any guns for sale. GET THIS. He says "I sold 'em both this mornin"
I say "How'd did you do on 'em?"
He pokes his chest out and says " I got $75.00 a peice for 'em". I was speachless.

Holy moly!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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