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Are the new 1894 44 mags Ballard cut rifled

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Is states in the specs on the Marlin website that the 1894 44 mag has Ballard rifling. Has anybody seen one to confirm this? When did this change come about? I thought all of the non-cowboy models were microgroove cut rifling.
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eaglesnest said:
I bought a new 1894 in 44 mag about 9 months ago, ballard rifling and 1:38 twist rate. Changed the barrel out to a 45 Colt with Micro Groove rifling and a 1:20 twist rate. Couldn't be happier.. ;D
Question for Ballard barrel 45LC owners, your twist rate the 1:20 or the 1:38 in the spec lit???? ???
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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