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We couldn't have asked for a prettier day. I decided to take the 1897 Cowboy out for another try at this game, this time equipped with a Marbles tang sight. It was nice having a right on hold for the 200 meter Rams. They sure look small out that far and if you're missing you really have to be careful to stay in sequence. Still WAY more fun than anything else I could do today for $5.

The Okanogan Shooting Sticks were awesome. The guys were very impressed with the workmanship and adjustability. I'm afraid I didn't represent very well... Wasn't the sticks fault though. I think the range I had the most difficulty with was the five inches between my ears over-thinking the shots... aka choking... I had no problem in practice or cleaning them off after my 10 for score were shot... just struggled when they counted.

Good turn out today. The winner managed 32 of 40. Mostly scoped bolt guns, one scoped AR and scoped single shot. The best guys shot prone off the sticks.

Hopefully I can get it together next month.
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