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Anybody NOT Experience Feeding Issues?

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I am a recent owner of an 1894C in .357. I am liking this rifle a lot, and wanting to fall completely in love with it. I've done a little bit of shooting with it and thus far have not had any issues with feeding or jamming. Weather in these parts has not been conducive to balmy hours at the range, but so far so good. As I write this I'm knocking wood......

I've read some of the threads here about feeding issues and completely appreciate all the info about fixes should this occur. I don't want to worry needlessly, but sometimes I get such things in my head and can't get them out. I should mention that the 1894 does not look like it has had much use, maybe a + thing, maybe -, dunno.

So....... how many of you have never experienced any of these issues with your rifle?

Thanks for the input.
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My very first 1894 back in 80 was a 44 Mag that had severe feeding issues. Since then every one I've owned (a few 357s and a 44-40) have fed great. But it was years and years after that first one before I bought a second one.
I've got recent production 1894CB in .357, 1894CSS, a stainless .357, and 1894SS, a stainless .44mag, heck even a 39A in .22.

I have not had any issues with any of them. I run 99% hardcast lead through them, SWC's and RNFP's.

All feed and fire flawlessly. Just don't "baby" them when racking the lever to load the next round.
Seems like if you try to go easy on the lever that's when you'll get one to "hang" up.

Get a set of screwdrivers that fit your screws and go over them before you shoot to make sure they are all tight, put a drop of oil on her here and there on the parts that move and slide and you should be fine.

Sounds like you have a good one too, so stay in love with it!

My 1894 when I bought it was a 44 mag, a little stiff at first but loosened up in a few days use and fed nice and 100% reliable once I removed a very slight burr around the chamber edge that was nicking my brass. Now that I swapped barrels and made the gun a 45 Colt it feeds even better, in fact every time I rack one in it brings a smile to my face! I am discovering that the lever action is in itself a real marvel and a pleasure to use aside from the actual firing of the gun. Since it has been snowy I have taken up a new thing, snatching the empties in mid air when I open the lever, something I never thought I would have the coordination to do. I can usually catch about 9 out of 10 and keeps me from looking in the snow for my empties, and it is a lot of fun too! Lever actions just rock, I will never again find joy with a rifle that doesn't have one! :D
I've got a few hundred rounds thru mine since I got it a couple months back and it has never jammed up. My previouse Marlin was the same way. It did jam a few times on the lever revolutions but that was the onl;y ammo it didn't like. My new one (1982 compared to old one from 1911)cycles everything, even empty shells.
The one I had was a 2008 model 1894C. It had absolutely no feeding issues. I shot 125 gr, 140 gr, 158 gr and 180 gr 357 magnum rounds, and 140 gr and 158 gr 38 specials. Never an issue. It worked so well I probably shouldn't have sold it, but I did.
Last week I came across a dealer with a NIB 1894 Cowboy Limited in .357.
This not being Marlin country, he offered it to me for a good price. I think he thought he was going to be stuck with it. I snatched it up quickly.

As luck would have it, it will not feed. The timing seems good but the extractor
does not engage properly and the barrel face is very sharp, plus a couple of other issues I'm not sure about.

Within a few hours drive there is an authorized Marlin repair gunsmith that has been there a long time. I'm going to take this rifle to him for repairs because I do not trust sending it back east to Remington, and also I can talk with him face to face and get some answers. He is also aware of some of the Marlin problems happening lately.

This is a New Haven rifle with a JM stamp made in 2009.

I'll let you know what happens.
My 1894SS .44mag has eaten everything I've put through it so far. Very slick, smooth rifle after some attention to the internals and a good break in.
Other than sharp-shouldered SWC's, no problems after 1100+ rds.
Never had a misfeed with my FG....

I have four of those little guys. Never a failure in any of them.

Seems that we only hear of the bad ones and never the ones that do exactly what they are made to do. I must admit all of mine are Marlins up to 2008, no Remlins.
If it aint broke dont fix it. I had one with feeding troubles many moons ago, if this place was here then I'd still have it. Right now I have two modern 1894's & neither has any troubles, got a bunch of pother marlins new & old & none have issues.
Just go shoot it. ;)
None in my 1894. I have had with my 3030 if i don't work the lever with authority.
My 1894 has no feeding issues. A couple of the .45-70's I've owned did though. Generally an easy fix though. For me it's always been the extractor catching the cartridge on the way up. It's a shame that a brand new rifle needs work in order to feed reliably.

I have never had a feeding issue with any Marlin I have had. Sometimes I think some people obsess over these things.

Now I know the feeding problems do exist so don't tell me I am all wet. Maybe I just don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!! ;D ;D ;D

never a issue
None to date out of either the 357 or the 32mag, nor did I out of the 32-20 I sold.

I have a 44 from 2005 and a 357 from 2009.
Never had an issue with either one.
jpickar said:
I have never had a feeding issue with any Marlin I have had. Sometimes I think some people obsess over these things.

Now I know the feeding problems do exist so don't tell me I am all wet. Maybe I just don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff!! ;D ;D ;D

I usually call it whining! ;D
My 1895GS cycles like the cartridges are coated with teflon or something. Smooth as silk and 100% reliable, everything I could ever ask a bear gun to be, it is.
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