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any MX 400yrd shooters

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would like some feedback if any one can chime in on longrange luck with 308MX
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We certainly have some here; Big Med and Dr. A are the first two that come to mind, but both have made their share of 400 yards shots on whitetail deer (and even a coyote) and have done more than their share of long range testing with these rifles.
With my 338MXLR I can hit the paper all day. I am not a great shooter and really never claimed to be but, I can hit the paper (14x14 I think) consistanly. I don't think I would shoot an animal at that distance, but practice just in case. ;D
We don't really look on them any differently than we would a 30-06 or a 270. Figure your drop and your wind and go from there. you can bet that if I take a shot at that distance, its not a guess. Most of my hunting is less than 30 yards, so the deer and coyotes I drop with that 308 are during late season till about a month from now. (*coyote hunting) Eastern hunting doesn't really lend itself to this, but its common to see deer at nearly any distance providing its clear.

Whether its down by the pond:

or over by the hill, we get shots for as far as you can imagine.

I can shoot farther, but my self imposed limit is usually about 450 yards. I'm sure I can hit beyond that, but am not really seeing the need at this point. Most of the time I can creep up a little closer.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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