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Another Texan joins the herd

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Had a friend call saying he was wanting to sale a few guns so I went to see what he was offering. He had a 1976 336 straight stock 30-30 and a Stevens tube fed .410 bolt action that followed me to the house. $425.00 for both (OTDT-out the door of truck) I gave both a cleaning and both operated without problems. The Texan was wearing a Bushnell 4x32 Banner Rangemaster scope on see-thru rings. This gave good groups for an informal short range firing. Just had to get a proper chin-weld with those high rings and the low stock of the Texan. Anyone have any information on this Rangemaster scope? The adjustment knob for elevation had exterior numbers that indicate difference ranges out to 400 yards. I think this was a forerunner of a Bullet Drop Compensator. Pctured are the two newbees and the new to me 336, with scope removed, with the other Texans. From top to bottom: 1970 re-bore to 38-55;1976 30-30; 1967 30-30.

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Very nice find. your new 1976 model looks just like my 1975 model. Wallacem in Ga
and those 70's look just like my was nice to see that as time marched on ..the guns kept to the same traditional formula
Very nice Longfin!
I wish I could find deals like that! Nice looking pair.
Tres Hombres........Nice!
Nice! I like the straight stocked "Texans" and should try to find another one ,ot two, or..........
Thanks for the positive comments. I know I did not need another 30-30 and if it had not been a Texan I could have passed easily, unless it had an "H" prefix, (my Holy Grail) Just something about those straight stocked Marlins that get my heart rate going. And the .410 bolt action....... if it had been a box magazine model, would have passed, but that tube with the brass showing got my attention and for the price I figure I can not lose any money on it. Well, I take that back. At the cost of a box of 3" .410 shells, I could come out in the hole in a short time! Was hoping for some comments on the Bushnell Bannel Rangemaster. Anyone have any experience with this scope? It seems to be in good condition and I'm gong to get some low mounts and put it back on for load development. My collection of see-thru mounts is growing. ::)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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