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another Deluxe 1893

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Heres another one of my nice marlins, Deluxe 1893 s/n 334863 38-55, pistol grip"A" checkered,fancy wood,24" 1/2 octagon barrel,1/2 magazine,hard rubber buttplate. i'm thinking you guys are probably getting sick of looking at these old guns. :) Don

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Not me! :)
Ken, I actually think these pictures may be in focus !!! Don
I never get tired of looking at your fine Marlins. ;D
Never saw a Marlin I didn't care to look at.
When are we going to see some for sale signs on some of these guns???? I'm selling off some of my guns so I can buy a really nice one like the one you have pictured. Pistol grip deluxe Marlins are about the best looking thing out there!!! Thanks for the pics!!!
Kelley, I'm not very good at selling things i really like! ;D I did tell my wife the other day ,in a few years when i am 60 i "MAY" start selling a few !! Don
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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