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Yesterday bought the 2nd 795 this winter. Paid 100. which included 1K rounds. First one was 150. including 1600+ rounds. Both rifles had the cheapest 4x15 Chinese scope that I've ever seen. Scopes do not focus and grouping was bad.Removed the scopes on both and one shoots dime size groups at 25yds with a modest 4X Marlin scope and the 2nd one purchased yesterday shoots 1" groups at 25yd with the open sights. Both rifles had been shot 50 rounds or less. Easy to figure out what happens..........the price point on the 795 is attractive, but accuracy ends up being less than hoped for and gun + ammo is sold. Too bad !
Marlin distributors are not doing the gun justice by selling the scoped 795 "package". But it works out well for the 2nd owner if the scope is just removed and trashed.
And BTW, I'm quite impressed with the 795. My go to rimfires are the 39A and Kimber. For plinking and yard varmits, the 795 is just fine.
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