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Alright, after a few pm's to PJ I went ahead and properly annealed (I hope) 40 30-30 cases. I did go to you tube and watched a few vids there as well, "proper" annealing in ones eyes is not so in someone elses it seems. Opinions went from a darkish blue color to cherry red and then into the water. I did 20 cases somewhat close to the blue tip of a low flame, and another 20 with the case about an inch from the blue flame. I will tell you this, after annealing the metal is VERY malible (sp) and if over heated you can crush the case with your thumb and fore finger! I did that purposely to the case you see in the following pics.
After annealing I put them through the sizer with the pin for punching the primer out extended quite a bit so as to not resize the cases at all, I chambered a few in the 375 and all seems well, one has to be careful about sending that soft metal up into the sizing die however, this one didn't quite make it and I dinged the mouth. This is also the same case I referred to above about overheating, that pic follows thes two.

Red arrow is the original ding, green from the thumb
I was able to reform this case which did a 32" dive from the work bench to the floor by using the sizing die just enough to round it out again.

First batch of cases held close to the blue flame

2nd batch held about 1" from the blue flame

So now I've got a few crumby vids to show of how I did the annealing in a very ugly setting ::) the point being was to see the case change color, I'm sure that I will find out if I did good or the metal is too soft when I reload for the .375 win. Hope this helps someone, BUT more importantly I hope someones pipes in if it's wrong! I'll add that when the case was removed from the heat, it was dropped into a pan of cold water in short order. Clicking on the pics with the flame should open the vid, in the last one take note that the flame is more centered in the
middle of the neck instead of towards the tip. Mr fixit


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I just anneal 100 rounds of 32 Winchester special. I used a Lee case chuck holder, don't know the name at this moment, drill to rotate with a heat sink on the body of the case. I did not have to dip them in water. Use a Temp stick the first few cases and then full speed. For me that has work great.

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I can upsize 30-30s to use in .375 or 38-55 without annealing. You need to lube the inside of the cases neck. Don't know if you are interested in this but it's doable without much case loss.
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