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OK I let you guys vote on what stock set for my recently purchased 444. I bought this stock set that is now on my 444 from WGP LTD. on Gun Broker, I have purchased a few items from this outfit out of Canada. Always a pleasure to deal with. This is a like new set with pretty decent checkering and nice grain/figure, the only bad thing is the front stock is slightly lighter than the butt stock and I think the grain of the wood causes most of that. Thankfully the steel is all in pretty good shape so I have a reasonably priced [about 550.00] 444 that looks good. As soon as the 45-70 CB arrives I am going to take both of them out back and wear out my shoulder.

And the winner is ..... Gun Firearm Trigger Air gun Brown
Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Air gun
Firearm Gun Rifle Trigger Air gun
Walnut !!!

As I got it below. I am not letting you guys vote on my next project. No sense of adventure from you guys. I have a 39A "c"113 from the SN it has a born on date of 1946. It is out getting a Dura-coat semi-gloss black paint job and then when it gets back I am going to Ebonize the stocks to an almost black finish with rubbed oil and if I like that my other 35 Rem. is going to get the same treatment, if I don't like it pink it is.


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