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Alliant 2400 and Cast bullets

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Might want to keep an eye on this thread going at shootersforum.

Being a number of us shoot this combo, I’m looking forward to hear what the ballisticians have to say – about the need for using a filler or not with this load.

My old second edition Sierra manual – lists some humongous charges of 2400 for their 300gr bullet. :eek:
Be good to see some modern data... :)
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Well thats great! Alliant really needed to update their load testing. They don't leave you with much to go on from their sight. I'll be watching this!

With the 405 gr cast, Starline case and 24 gr of 2400 is very accurate out of my gun. I thought it had a bit of a snap to it though. Kind of more than I was expecting.

ALWAYS CHECK FOR DOUBLE CHARGES!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stress enough with pistol powders in rifle cartridges the need for checking all of your cases before seating the bullet. After filling all of mine I take a peak at them in the tray with my maglite before seating the bullet.
When I got my GS I got 5shot groups under an inch at 60 yards with 28.5 grains 5744 using 420GC bullets.That was with an aimpoint on it,it might have done even better a scope.5744 doesn't need a filler.I'll have to try the 2400 load in my highwall,I use filler loads in it sometimes,usually with 4759.

Thanks for posting this... :)
I use 2400 in the .375 Winchester (265 beartooth) and in the 45-70 with 405 Remington/425 PDJR/ and will also use it for the PileDrvr Lites. I have never used a filler either.
I use 2400 in my 45-70 with the 330 grain Gould bullet, works great and I get decent 100 yard accuracy.

n/p Ridge ;)

I do not use a filler with 2400 in the 45/70. When I first started shooting it, I was doing so over my chronograph and I compared using a filler/ not…
The SD #’s didn’t show enough difference to warrant using a filler…but that was IIRC a 5 or 10 shot string…A 100 shot string might show more of a difference… :)
Thanks Rowdy. I wonder what they'll find... Maybe we'll get some info on fillers. I just killed two pigs with my load... ::) :D
Dr. A – thanks for giving me “The Load”. ;)

Wow, 2 hogs killed using a light trapdoor starting load. Who’d of thunk it possible ::) ;D ;D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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