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All who are wise in the ways of the 1873 Winchesters, I have a question

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Okay, I'm going to be shopping soon for a new 1873. This is going to be my haul around everywhere I go rifle. Now obviously for most people the simple thing to do is go buy a Uberti or similar. Thing is, unless I just absolutely cannot possess an original I usually don't want it. I'm wondering your thoughts on a 100+ y/o Winchester for this duty. If I do this I'd most likely send it to Turnbull and order new wood for it and make it look pretty and new again(no in this case I care little about collectors value). I'm going to look for a 44-40 since .45 Colt which I love was unavailable originally. Unless of course it could be rebarrelled and so forth maybe? Another option I'm wondering about is building one. I know where there is a stripped 1873 Receiver(I want to say it was dated 1882) But I don't know if it would be reasonable to get all the parts to build one from a receiver. I can get it for about $300 from the guy. I apologize for my ignorants to the '73, I've just never owned one to know it on a technical level.
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you must have a lot more money to throw around than i do. although i have not shopped around much for one, i don't think i've ever seen an original 1873 anywhere close to shootable condition for less than $2,500. to buy an original 1873 and send it to turnbull for restoration and new wood i would think you could spend $5,000 real easy. should make one hell of a truck gun for you though, good luck. i would have a hard time spending the $7-800 it would take to get a uberti to use for this purpose. i would stick with a win94 or marlin 336, or 94 if you like the short actions.
I have actually managed to run across some 1873s in good functioning shape for around $1500-1800. Usually the finish looks like crap if there is any left, maybe have some light pitting and the wood is junk but the actions seemed solid. I can do the woodwork and save in there, biggest expense likely being Mr. Turnbull's wonderful metal work. One other thing I was wondering, can the short-stroke lever kits be installed in the originals or will they only work with aftermarket copies along with the lighter aluminum carriers? Thanks and I appreciate the input guys. I know there are more sensible alternatives but this falls in line with why I carry an actual Colt SAA instead of a Ruger or Uberti. Gotta have the original.
You might call Wayne in Coopers landing Alaska, he has a frame on Gun Broker now and I know that he has other 73' stuff at this time I talked to him yesterday, his # 651-324-3796 if I were you I would put one togather myself take your time the parts are not that expensive----if you take your time---then send it to Reg Nonneman in Mo. he soes great work and one H-ll of a lot less money or even Mike Hunter in Mo. his work is very good.
I'll check those out for sure. I'm gonna see how much I can talk that guy down on the receiver he has. Going from the pics on gunbroker, the one that's local looks alot better as far as the metal. But I'm pretty tempted to just wait and pay for a complete working rifle as opposed to parts chasing. I've got two projects in the safe that are parts-chasers and have been for over a year now, heh.
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