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I picked up this Ruger Single Six Hunter earlier this year. It's eaten several hundred LR's since then of various flavors and it has been accurate, but I felt like I was missing something (maybe the x-ring? ;D).

I ordered and picked up this Simmons 4x32 pistol scope today from my local shop and installed it after dinner. Once finished, I decided that there was still enough daylight to warrant a trip to the range. So, I slathered on the bug repellant and hit the road. Just my luck, once I got there, the last folks were leaving and I was all by my lonesome. :'( ;D Too bad they didn't take the rest of the skeeters too! ;D

I fired the first three rounds at fragments of clay pigeons on the berm (50 yards), just to make some rough crosshair adjustments before shooting at paper. After 12 clicks up and 16 clicks left, I figured I was ready for my paper targets at 25 yards. The results of my rough adjustments were right on, so they make the groups sizes look even better. The first target (bottom) has 9rds within 1" and the second target, after a slight adjustment, took 6rds. These were shot with a two hand hold, rested on my pistol-rug to insulate my hands from the table. The only ammo used was CCI Std. Velcity, 40gr.

This rig looks promising for squirrel harvesting this late summer / fall. ;)
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