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about extend mag tube for 1895m 450m

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I buy a marlin 1895m and i want to do some modification on it for the look and thr effectivenes. I read somewere in
the forum that some guys put a 1895 cowboy 9 shot mag tube on a model 1895g 45-70. I want to know if i can fit
the 45-70 9 shot tube on my .450 marlin and cut it to have a full length mag tube. If it's possible can someone tell
me what i will need to fit it. I kwow that 4+1 shot of .450 is enough but a full length mag look great and it's also to
personalize a little bit my rifle and to have the assurance of six shot.

I also want a large loop lever for wearing glove. Wich one do you recomend to me the wwg or the drc and why.

I am new in this forum and i dont kwow if i am in the rigth place for those question can you send me at the rigth place if not.

ps. dont be hard with my english i am a french guy and i dont kwow if my words is correct... thank you
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First off, welcome to the forum. I am not sure about the mag tube, but as for the lever.......I recomend that you check "Mule Loops". If you go to the home page scroll down to "Industry Partners" and he has a forum there. Not only are his cheaper (price) but you have lots of customizing options to include designing your own. Have yet to see anyone with a complaint about his levers.
hey thank you i will look at it
Looking over Marlin's parts list for the 1895's, you'll see that the 45-70 and the 450 use the same mag tube on rifles of the same barrel length. Unless you have some machinists skills, this is one for a gunsmith. The job requires cutting a slot on the bottom of the barrel further up to locate the mount for the mag tube. It is a dovetail cut. I have read of some guys who have done this.

If you look at my profile, "ROUND SLAMMER" and search for "putting parts" you find a piece that I wrote about taking the gun apart, changing the ejector, mag tube follower and putting in a "Happy Trigger." I included putting it back together, too. ::)
WELL, I R BAD. :'( I double checked the parts list and I got it wrong about the tubes being the same on the 45-70 and the 450. The followers even have different part numbers. :'(
Ok thank you for the information.
It is my understanding that the 450 tube is not as large in diameter as the 45-70 tube.

in any event the gun is good like this and i dont thing i will use 6 shot to take down a moose or black bears in Québec
Send it to Jim Brockman. He will fix that .450 up in a heart beat and do a great job. He put the tube on my custom .450 and it looks like the factory did it. Very reasonable as well. reflex264
Thank you for the info but i have change my mind. I will not put extended mag on my rifle.
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