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Ive been looking through the posts here and on other sites and I haven't been able to find any information on loading A-Square, 500 gr. monolithic solid bullets for the .45-70. I'm not 100% sure this is even applicable but I sure would like it to be. If anyone has experience in loading these or where to find data I would be incredibly greatfull. Would be the perfect pill for the bears I've been hunting the last few years, which tend to get very moody unless you destroy their shoulders. Last years spring boar wasn't even phased after a shoulder-lung-heart-spine with a way too hot .338 210 gr. Barnes ttsx. Figured twice the size and half the speed may do the trick ;)
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A 400 grain hard will pass thru any bear lengthwise. There are lot to choose from and they are easy to load with published data. If your set on 500grain + bullets then again I would recommend cast such as bear tooths, or Jae Bok Young. They have crimp groves so that the long bullets will cycle in your Marlin. Again, a premium jacketed bullet would be great too.
I appreciate the input. Call me masochistic but i think there aren't alot of things better than a black and blue shoulder from stout bullets. And there has to be a reason for $2.50 ea. bullets designed to skull dangerous game.
Just received an email from a-square stating the monolithic solid is unsafe to load in a 45-70 gov't. Thanks anyways.
I'm guessing A-Square isn't interested in messing about with the "lowly" 45-70 in ANY form and there are other mono's from other makers that will work just as well...Barnes, Hornady, Woodleigh...and hard cast lead 500-750 gr that will go end to end in a buffalo OR bear. A 500 gr hard cast slug will do the job at 1500 fs easily.

I don't want to get a ruckus going about the relative merits of the 45-70 and what it's capable of...I have one AND a 45-90, 45-100, 45-120 and shoot bullets up to 720 gr in the 100 and 120 but when it comes to the large toothy critters in the brown/grizzely size I want my 458 WM or 510 Makatak or a Lott minimum...or better yet a 3.5" 12ga hand loaded with a 750 to 1000gr slug at 1200-1600 fs...forget anything smaller. You're welcome to what you think is big enough. ;D
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I emailed A-Square in readards to their 465 gr .458 lion load bullet being loaded in a 45/70. They were less than helpful. ::) It would be interesting to test their bullets at 45/70 speeds but there are plenty of good bullet manufactures and with better service.
I kinda hate to repeat this, but....

How many buffalo did the 45-70 kill with those lowly lead slugs?

It likely had a lot to do with the lack of Grizzlies that we see in the lower 48 states today too.
There's always a bigger, faster, better gun out there, and I'm doing my best to own them all haha. And as far as the proper bullet application for big bears goes, one could equally argue a .243 or a .50 bmg. Both will kill any bear, just depends on what kinda shot you feel like taking. I'm a die hard barnes shooter so nothing lost by not shooting a-squares. I think it was more or less of a cool factor.
Hornady 500 grain DGS FN and a Lee factory crimp or a 525 gain Beartooth Pile-Driver. Tested both and like the price and meplat diameter of the Pile-Driver. Both are accurate and will work for ...anything.

I haven't "killed a bar" with any of my 45-XXX's but I have put a few 525 PileDriver's through 4 plus feet of seasoned lodgepole pine logs and farther with some brass bullets I turned out on my lathe. One good way to split my winter's firewood. ;D

Yep, I like to use those big Hornadys and they give soooo much penetration, I also like JB Young's 540gr craters. I get the same results as the Hornadys.
Added to that the Hornadys can be helped by running a cannalure around them, gives them a nice place to grip. If not a Lee fc die will help also.
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