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Can't ride by a brother in need. EVER. What size Harley do you ride? When I had my Electraglide I dumped it once, forgot the kickstand. Been riding 45 years and still make a FUBAR like that, anyway with no one to help me I was able to stand with my back to her and lifting with my legs I rolled her upright. I'm 6' 2" and 200 so that might have something to do with it but it may work for you.
On a different note, I once threw my wife out of an airplane at Okeechobee.
That brought back some embarrassment. Done it and couldn't believe myself. "Are you fricking kidding me", I says as I look around to see if anybody is watching. Really start to question myself with something like that happens. And I've got to back into it too. Butt against the tank and a hand on the row bar and one on the handlebars with it cranked towards me. Only way I can do it.

Jeeze, that Road King can throw you six feet to the side when it goes over like that. Once I was talking to my father-in-law in our neighborhood. He was coming in and I was going out. Turned around and was parked along side to chat. When I saw a car coming from behind I edged up and turned to park in front of my fiL’s car. What was he thinking I don't know - but as I turned in front of his front bumper he decides to goose it and hits my rear bag, almost my leg. I almost got ran over sprawling out in the street by the car I was trying NOT to inconvenience. I don't know if I'm a biker per se but I know I didn't look like one right then.

On the guys driving by -- I wonder. People are so scared. When I moved to Oklahoma back in 78 they were trying a fellah in court. He and his wife had faked car problems and when a passer-by stopped to help she and the cull of hers killed a mother and father and would have got away scott-free but for a little boy hiding under a blanket who got to watch his folks get killed by a couple stains.

If you keep a gun on you - you don't have to let fear be your guide.

Ride Safe!
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