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2 years and 3 months ago in another thread I had made reference to purchases of 2 rifles ... a Marlin 15 YN and a Stevens 87A.

The thread went on to cover the refurb of the Marlin. About 3/4 of the way through the thread got this post from MidBigWest ...

Okay I am gonna take some heat on this.
But where is the Savage?
I am not a Marlin semi auto 22 guy. Now Levermatics and 39s are the exception.
I grew up shooting Savage 22's and Marlin Centerfire rifles. Will still take the Savage over the other 22s i have.
So show me the Savage please?
As you are a guru for fixing/refinishing older rifles it should be purdy when you finish it.
Especially if you accent it with darker Walnut fore end tips and butcaps and really trick it out.
In between on the 3 projects in the shop at this time ... Waiting on parts for all of them ... then there is the snow and cold for the next 3 days or so I thought it was time to get the 87A out of the "Standing In Line" refurb corner. Grabbed it up and placed it on the bench yesterday afternoon when I was turning the heater in the shop up a tad. So Mr. West is going to get his wish ...

I am thinking about doing some refining of the shape of the fore grip and maybe adding a Schnabel fore tip. Been wanting to toy around with one of those for a while and may just take the opportunity here. May do a little work in the the butt stock as well - that is still well in the mulling stage.

Will try and get a few before pictures in today. Shop cleanup first and I need to sharpen chisels.

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Thank you Sir.
I love old Savage Stevens model 87's.
My first shots were with one. My dads i still have it.
Then first rifle was My Dads 336 35rem. No finer rifle or caliber.

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Have a few pictures of where the starting point will be ...

I really think the furniture will turn out pretty nice ... going to be quite a bit of metal work ... some of the metal damage is pretty severe ... Bolt is going to take a good bit of repair ...


Cont. next post ...

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So it's off to work ... furniture first ... Although I have already stripped, repaired and polished the Trigger Guard.

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I鈥檓 fond of styles 2,4..smooth, moderate..not gaudy. My humble opinion.

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Thanks for the Feedback Sirs ...

2 & 4 are more modest for sure ... I do like the #1 shape, subtle and more elegant looking, but stock accents like the sharpness on the bottom curve tend to take damage ... and this being a .22 it will most likely be handed down to a younger grand or great grand. Less points for damage and wear the better ... hopefully.

I am considering playing around with this stock a little:

  1. Looking into making the Comb Drop and little more abrupt - 130掳-140掳 and then fluting the wrist at the drop.
  2. The Pistol Grip Cap edge is damaged. Really don't want to have to recontour the entire edge and reduce it's size to repair the damage. So plan "B" will be to add a matching wood grip cap to complement the Schnabel Fore Tip addition. This will mean filing down the Pistol Grip surface to remove the edge damage. The Pistol Grip will have to be contoured to accommodate the cap and then the lower spine surface of the Butt Stock will have to be tapered back to the Toe to transition the new contour of the Grip.
  3. Adding the Schnabel Fore Tip ...
  4. Add a Butt Pad Spacer ...

Fun times ahead.

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I like 2 with the checkering.
I like #2 also but maybe just a little smaller bulb ...

Wish I could do the checkering but just not in my wheelhouse. Bought the whole range of cutters sizes ($$$.$$) a couple of years ago and have meant to take a stab but time just never seems to allow.

馃檨 They just sit there on the shelf right in front of me at the work bench with this big frown of disappointment I imagine I see ... 馃檨

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Alright the "Battle" begins ...

Trigger Guard damage repaired and polished .. will be put back on the gun as a polished piece of hardware. Screw holes have not been polished out yet.


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Pulled the Action parts ... Really gunky and sticky and pitted ...

Cleaned, repaired, sanded and 1st Polish. About 90% done ... final polish on the wheel will be done along with all the other parts.


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In a previous life the sights had been removed from the gun as had the Mag Tube Hanger and the Take Down Screw Lug. All four of these install slots were a mess. Both sides of all four were bent up or rolled up or were mashed back out of line. I had really tough time drifting out the sights, the Lug and the Hanger. Seemed like they were spot welded. Basically ruined a brass punch getting the front sight out.

I had to peen the edges back down - take a small triangle file and clean up the under sides of the slot sides and the file the edges back close to smooth with the barrel. This filing will get refined later but this preliminary repair just got done as the hardware was removed.

Rear Lug ...

Front Sight ...

Mag Tube Hanger ...

I guess I failed to take a picture of the Rear Sight slot. It was damaged about the same as the front.

I really can't figure a way the slots could get so out of whack.

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Removing the Mag Tube ... 'er not removing the Mag Tube ... 'er ah trying to remove the Mag Tube.

The design on the capture of the Mag Tube is a little hard to understand ... and the procedure in getting it removed is even harder to make yourself do. Let's see if I can explain ...

In the picture below is the Mag Tube moved forward. What you see that appears at first glance to be a screw - isn't - what appears to be the screw slot is just the separation that is common to mag tubes. It looks like at some point someone thought it was a screw and tried to unscrew the unscrewable. It is a raised "nipple" or "bump" which is the capture for the Mag Tube to keep in place. When installed it is in the bottom of the well made by the Take Down Lug. When you look down into the Lug well it appears to be a screw.


Getting the Mag Tube loose is a chore ... It is in there TIGHT ... No way to just pull it out, leverage it out or pry it off that I could find. So after some research and some inquiries I found THE method ... not A method but THE method. Hold on to your hats on this one.

With the Mag Tube oriented as it would be normally clamp it horizontally in a vice taking care not to crush the Mag Tube - DUH !! - After getting the Mag Tube firmly locked in you will need a block of wood and a hammer or a block of wood and a rubber mallet or just a rubber mallet. Take the block of wood and place it over the muzzle. Then firmly strike ( this is crap you hit the dang thing as hard as you dare) the end of the muzzle driving the barrel backward while the vice holds the Mag Tube firmly. Sounds nuts I know. It does move ever so slightly with each blow. This is forcing the "bump" under the edge of the lug and forces out. You would think it would destroy the "bump" but I guess there is enough give in the tube metal to allow it to push down slightly as it rides out.

When it clears the lug the Mag Tube just slides out. So after getting it out there was some modification to the "bump". I took a small file and filed down the side of the "bump" that will go back in first on reinstall. Just a little metal removed to make sort of a little ramp to help get it started back under. Still will have a raise edge on that side just not quite as pronounced.

This is an absolutely nutso design ... IMHO

So the Mag Tube and other hardware is clear of the barrel and receiver to allow stripping, repair and sanding for bluing.

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Worked on the Furniture ... Got the Butt Pad Spacer made and refurbed the Butt Pad.

Got prelim strip and sanding done ...

Wood is kinda strange but may turn out really unusual ...

Cont. next post ...

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pics cont. ...

didn't worry much with getting the black paint fore tip removed ... It is gonna get cut off anyway ...

Interior has been knock down sanded

After getting this done it was off for a 2 day retreat at the Acetone Spa ...

Metal work starts tomorrow.

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That's a crazy way to attach a mag tube. I bought on of those Stevens whose deceased owner had liberally sprayed every metal surface with WD40 or something like it and put it in a closet for thirty or forty years. His son in law sold it to me cheap because it would fire but not cycle another round. Took a while to get all the thick sticky yellow residue off, but it worked and looked great once I did. Neat little rifles.
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