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well last night I had a visitor in the back yard , I have bird feeders out all yr, and well, I have a ton of bears in the area that like to try and get into the feeders
well last night I had a mother black bear and 4 cubs show up, one was a for sure runt of the litter, about half the size of the other 3

I felt bad for the poor mother bear, them little one's were driving her nuts climbing on her biting and clawing at her, like little balls of energy, and want to be WWF wrestlers LOL
well figured I would share a pic or two
the mother was about a 200-250 lb bear too, not a real big one, but a average sized female I'd say, some will get up over 400 lbs, but there not as common
I have tons of experience with bears over the yrs from trapping and tagging live one's, to hunting to skinning to mounting them LOL
Bears are cool critters to get to watch if anyone ever gets the chance, just be safe!
this mother bear knew I was taking pictures and didn't even care, I was nota treat to her at all, and she more or less knew it!
more worried about looking for an easy bird feeder to get into !

sorry not the best pic's was rather dark out and my flash wasn't cutting the distance all that well!

this first pic, has all 4 cubs in it, there are two chewing on the trailer tire LOL

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