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A Bit Confused

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Okay I'm a bit confused.(Not an unusual condition for me) On the 336 board, discussions of using receiver sights say that the factory front sight blade will work with Lyman or Williams sights. That sight is .260" in height. In the sticky above, the recommended front sight for a 336 is .510", almost twice the height of factory. I want to put a sourdough front on my 336 .30-30, do I get a .510", mess around with its height, then get the sourdough? Or can I just replace the factory with a .260" sourdough? ???
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Hello Bruce,

I dont know how the factory front sights work with any receiver sight to be honest, if they were actually regulated with the factory barrel mounted rear sight... Receiver Sights are almost ALL higher than barrel mounts. (a few exceptions such as our LoPro)

The .510 is not the highest I've ever seen required but several customers have found that to be what works for their rifles. My own rifle did need one almost .500 tall.

I'd order the rear sight, shoot it with the factory front sight, on paper, at a known distance, then figure out how much taller the front sight needed to be (if any) and order the sourdough when those figures are determined.

Hope that helps! (Front sights seem to be confusing and we understand.)

Thanks Bruce,

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