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7mm Remington Magnum

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My grandpa gave me these boxes of 7mm Remington Mag he found cleaning out and old pole barn. Can anyone provide some info on when these were made? Any collectible value or should I give them away to someone to shoot, I don't have a 7mm rem mag. I have a Full box of each of these, and another half box of the Remington.

Thanks in advance
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I can't help date the boxes, but why not set 'em up on a shelf as they are fine looking vintage ammo boxes, I would be happy to own just the empty boxes to display, but with cartridges thats xtra nice, I imagine value should be around $20 per full box. .DT
I think I might keep them, now that you mention it. I am cleaning the basement up to make room for a loading bench, and I was trying to think of shooting related stuff to decorate with. And I did find some info on the remington boxes, mid-late 60's or early 70's if I remember right.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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