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7mm-08 xs7

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what has been anyones experience with bullets and weight used for this gun 120 or 140 better for accuracy.
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Deerhunter I have put togather several XS7 Rifles in 7mm08 they have all been sub 3/4 inch shooters or better , They are easy to load for I have loaded 100 gr 110 gr 12o gr 139gr 140 gr & 160 gr all of them shoot very well ... That said I Build a lot of 7mm08 AI this is a wounderful little feller and Is a mean little feller Good Luck I You Need any help P M Me be glade to shire ino with You DD
I rechamber lots of stock Marlin barrels '''''''''''''''''''''''' But yes I do use lots of aftermarket Barrels .
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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