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7mm-08 to .284 Win

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Hi folks,
Is there any extra work involved with rechambering a 7mm-08 XS7 to .284 Win? Or is it as simple as I'm thinking it will be? I know the bolt face will be the same, but the thing I'm a little unsure of is the magazine. Will it need any additional work there to handle a fatter case?
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It is an easy conversion and requires no extra work to the mag or the feed rails. I did polish the feed ramp before I reassembled the barrel and action. The mag will only hold 3 rounds of .284. I assume you have all the tools and gauges necessary to do this job? I did also have to shave a little from the barrel when setting the head space and the lettering is now on the right side of the stock. Good luck with your project and leave us know how it turns out.
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