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I got one of Boyds "finished" Rimfire Target Hunter stocks for my Mod 60SS.

Now, Boyd's site said the slot for the mag tube, well they said ramrod, would have to be cut into forend. Ok.

Problem is, the cut for the mag tube needs to go as deep as where the sling swivels are installed with locknuts.

How can I still have swivel studs on the forend of the stock? The mag tube is flush against the bottom of the stock.

I don't see how Boyd's Hyped' this stock for a model 60 and never mentioned the two swivel studs won't be useable. I don't think they should sell this as a "finished" stock. It isn't. I see it's a money saver thing, one stock for a 795 and 60, but I think Boyds should make the cut for the mag tube when you order for a mod 60 (and cut the magwell for a 795) and come up with a fix for the swivel studs on a 60.

Now don't flame me for ragging on a Boyd's stock... It is a very nice looking and top quality stock. I'm no gunsmith and they sell it as "finished" needing minor fitting. Well the sling swivel deal doesn't seem minor to me.

I'm thinking like a "blind" nut on the inside and grind off the threads flush so not to hit the tube, but I don't know where to get something like that.

It's all Marlin's fault for discontinuing the black/gray laminate stock... With a sling swivel in the front!

Thanks for any advice on how to fix the swivel stud in the stock.

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