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I recently acquired a H&R Handi Rifle in 500 S&W for testing the new Skinner Sight Handi Rifle Aperture/Peep sight. The factory plastic sights were a real surprise to me. Fiber optics seem to be all the rage for some, but they are fragile enough without mounting them in plastic sights. Especially for anything that developes any kind of meaningful recoil...

We have the aperture sights as part of our standard production now but front ramps are still a limited custom item. This front ramp is 3/8" wide wide at the base and 1/4" at the top with a standard 3/8" dovetail. The handi was drilled and tapped for 6-48 screws .600" C-C . (The plastic ramp used one 6-48 for mounting but there were two holes drilled and tapped into the barrel.

The rear sight was removed and one of our H&R/NEF sights installed in the rear two scope mounting holes on top of the receiver. The fill plugs from the scope mt holes were moved to fill the holes where the rear sight was removed.

Now to get out and shoot it a few times to determine final front sight height.

The 500 should make a great companion to my Handi in 22 K Hornet ! :)

Now we dont even need to wait for the gophers to come out of hibernation!
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