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450 marlin load

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Just picked up a used 450 guide gun. I bought some barnes 300 grain copper bullets. I wanted to get the 250's but midway was out. Gun came with 50 empty new cases and 20 once fired cases. Anyone load barnes copper 300's in 450 marlin. I got the barnes load book so I have some info but I would like to hear from anyone who has loaded them before.
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scott fisher said:
Scott, post this over in the 450 forum, lot's of guys with opinions in there! ;D

Besides, I'd like to hear what they say........
Ya I did, I was hopping that having it in two diffrent section I mite get a few more bites. Not to much action on the 450 side either.
So I reloaded some ammo and got 2000fps from my guide gun with 49 grains of h4198 with a 300 grain barnes tsx bullet. Case capacity is at 105%. I was thinking about trying some H322. Havent used H322 yet. I know a lot of guys like it for the 45-70 and 444 marlin. Or maby some H335. I wanted to get a little higher muzzle velocity.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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