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45-70 XLR is a real nice gun!

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Brought it NOS from a local gun shop.
94xxxx serial number so its 05 or 06 (?) with the New Haven barrel stamp.

Scoped it because of my old eyes.
Currently shooting the Hornady plastic tipped ammo.
Pleasantly surprised with accurate at 200yds (that's max length at the range i shoot at).

Couldn't be happier. ;D

My 45-70 1895 Cowboy is on consigment at the same dealer.
Never loaded or's too darn pretty to take to the boonies.

I won't mind taking the XLR out.....stainless and laminated.
The weather/conditions out here in Oregon tend to be wet and crappy during hunting season.

This XLR is sweet....Can't wait till hunting season..
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U got a camera. :)
Yes....I was at work when I posted that.
I have had my 45/70 XLR for 2 1/2 years and love it. Got a nice mule deer buck with it last fall at 190 yards. Great shooter and lots of fun. It is also a great protector against those creatures that may want to eat you. Enjoy your new found toy.
Congrats on a great gun!

I've had my 1895 XLR for almost a year now & love it. I like guns with some barrel weight, and this gun just felt "right" from the start. Working up some loads for it before next deer season & hope to finally tag something with it this fall.

And of course pictures of your new baby are required ASAP!
Always liked the XLR. Great all weather rifle.
I just picked one up myself and looking forward to some Range time with it. I heard they are very accurate.
The XLR with the 325 hornady is scary accurate. Always fun to open some eyes up at the rifle range. Make you wonder why folks spend so much money on those little black rifles...
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