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.45-70 with 300gr. - enough medicine?

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Hi fellow lever-gun lovers. :)

I'm headed down to OK this year for turkeys, and the landowner has said I should bring a rifle and help with the hog problem. 8) I've never shot a hog so I don't really know much about anatomy/toughness etc. I have a good supply of Winchester factory 300gr. JHP (grey box Super-X) and my 1895 shoots them extremely well. Is this enough bullet for hogs? I will gladly tool up with a different ammo (maybe Rem 405's?) if necessary. I would expect ranges under 100 yards. Thanks!
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If you can consistently put those bullets in the vital zone then you don't have to worry about anything. It's a mistake to practice with one weight or type of bullet then switch to another to hunt with. Check out previous threads on the subject of hog hunting and you should find several pictures of hog anatomy.
Your 45-70 will be great for hogs! I use a Taurus Raging Bull 454 (260Gr) and it puts'm down!

I shoot mine in the neck or just below the ear. They drop where they stand.

Here,,,this might help you. The hart is easy to hit if he is quartering away from you.

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Talked to a Canadian guide at sportsman show. He said 300gr v good on blk bear so hit that hog were it counts.
I've taken hog with a 210JHP from a .41Mag; so, from that and from all I've read about the .45-70, I wouldn't hesitate to use 300gr .45-70 for any size hog.
Back in '75, my BIL's cousin hunted with one of the first 1895's in 45-70. He used the Win 300HP exclusively for deer and hogs, never had a problem! Have a ball!
used the same ammo earlier this month on a hunt in texas and it worked very well. Mushroomed almost perfectly i'd honestly have to say almost 100% weight retention. Mostly in the 150lb range but i did shoot a 200+lb boar as well. Shoot good though they are extremely tough animals.
You will have no problems with the 300gr Winchys. It is close to ideal as I would use.
Thanks fellas! I'll be looking forward to shooting my first hog, and first game with my 1895. :)
I have found that with the 300 gr jhp at 2200 fps they dont hold up well, and this is on deer but im guessing at slower speeds they would do better? has anyone found this to be true? i shoot 350 gr in my guide gun, and 300jhp in my b 78.
it will work fine I have killed numerous hogs with a 22 mag just know your shot and limitations. My 45-70 dosent kill them any deader just more forgiving on shot placement. The 22mag is head shots only
45-70 and 300 gr. boolits will do a J-O-B on any hog out there. Just hit em in the right place. ;D

Mad Dog
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Just thought I'd update everyone. We went to OK and got our turkeys pretty quick, then went after hogs a few evenings/nights but didn't see any. Maybe next time and I'm going to add a red dot to my 1895 using the XS Scout rail I just got. Our hosts say the best hunting is at night, so some kind of optic is a big help when the red light goes on.

Thanks for all the replies.,89617.0.html

Check this one out I have used my 45-70 on plenty of big boars only using factory Ammo and it does the job! Check out some of my other posts plenty of photos of big boars with the info of what i used to take it.

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