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444 S and SS barrels from Numrich.

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I'm guessing there isn't any way to know for certain what those twist rates are? 22.5" long, 1/38...probably? I'm playing with my 336 and found a cheap 444 barrel so might order one to add to my beginning to growing barrel collection...356 W, soon to be 375 JDJ, 416 JDJ maybe and the 444 M.

What would be a good bullet length/weight max for the 1/38 twist? My twist calculator keeps giving me "the bullet length to diameter is outside normal limits"...wha'tup?

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No one knows a thing??...or is giving up the booty??

That's all right, I'll soon know...I just ordered a brand new, factory, ready to install, 22.5", 1/38 twist probably, post 1969, 444S barrel from Gun Parts Corp. I will need to do a bit of milling on my 336 receiver ejector port to clear the wider case front end, and check the headspace. I should be banging away by the the beginning of Spring. ;D 8) ;)

NFG- I've been using my '78 vintage 444 for shooting heavy slugs since the mid '80's. Have a nose pour adjustable paper patch mould and have experimented with weights up to 400 gr. The short story is that 300 gr. slugs work beautifully, get velocities up to 2200 fps with great accuracy. The 350 gr. slugs also shot well, stabilized perfectly to at least 150 yards (farthest I tried them on paper), but velocity loss begins to creep up on you, the 2.58" OAL makes for cramped powder space. With the slug coming out about 400 gr. velocity was pretty low, IIRC, about 1500 fps. At 50 yards it appeared to be stable, a touch of yaw was noticed at 100, and then it pretty much went to heck. All this was a 1:38 twist. All the 300 gr. jacketed I've tried (Original Barnes from the 70's, Hornady, Sierra, Speer) have stabilized with no problems as far as I have shot them, about 300 yards. BTW, all the full power loads I tried were loaded with IMR 4198. Maybe RE-7 could get a bit higher velocity, but this rifle shoots better with 4198.
Hope this helps you out a bit.
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Thanks Doubletap...the barrel will be here on Monday 3/21, bullets here tomorrow (15th), dies on Thursday...I have a 100 rnds of brass all ready to prep but half will go to the 375 JDJ project. I will start at 265 gr...a few for firelapping and will try 290, 325 and 330 Beartooth bullets with RL-7, AA2015, H4198 and H335...Benchmark and RL10x fit in this burn rate also and I will give those a shot also. AA2460 works well in my 458 American with 400-450 gr bullets and gives me the highest accuracy and velocity with the lowest pressures and longest case life so I will probably also try it as the cases have almost the same volume.

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