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Looking at the custom 1894's here and now have a plan for some custom work on my ca 1973 1894.

So now I'm looking for a source for a replacement barrel or just a blank, but I need 1-20 twist and actual .429 groove, 24" finished length.

Like a cowboy barrel but set up to shoot 300 gr hog-woppers.

Any experiences, please share! TIA LC

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Here is what Buffalo Bore says about the 44 mag 1:38 twist rate, and at the end there is a number of a smith they recommend.

" What do we mean above by "modified" Marlin? Marlin (for an unknown, not well thought out reason) is using a very slow rate of twist (1/38 inches) on their 1894 chambered in 44 mag. Because of this slow rate of twist, the heaviest bullet that the factory Marlin will stabilize is about 270grs. Other firearm makers that chamber for the 44 mag all use a much faster rate of twist so that their guns will stabilize and therefore accurately shoot bullets over 300grs. Many folks today want their 44 magnums to be able to utilize the heavy 300gr. and heavier bullets - Marlin has not figured this out. If you want decent accuracy out of our new +p+ load in a Marlin, it will need to be re-barreled with a twist rate of roughly 1/20 inch. I have Dave Clay re-barrel all my Marlin 1894's with a faster twist barrel. A 44 magnum that wont accurately shoot 300gr. or heavier bullets is useless to me. Call him at 817-783-6099 for pricing."
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