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All I have shot in my .44 caliber 1894 are factory loads in 240gn. It shoots them very well with one hole, three shot groups at 25 yards, 1-11/2 inches at 50 yards and under 2 inches at 100 yards with a few "one holers". This is shooting from a bench with a steady rest at the range. When I take it hog hunting the ranges are usually closer, 25-30 yards and I will use a rest if I can find one or use a hasty sling. I have recently started back to hand loading and I will work up a round for it. In the mean time I have used Remington, Winchester, PMC and Magtech. All shoot well with the Winchester being the best and the Magtech being not so good because it will always produce a good group with an inexplicable flyer of up to 2-4inches from the rest of the group. Semper Fi.
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