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I guess pictures are worth a whole buncha words...

This is my first time out with my 1894, WWB 240's, standard sights, 50 yards. The cluster of three just to the right of the bull was me testing, the other shots scattered about were my oldest boy learning.

This is my sight in target from a few seasons ago with 240g XTP's over a top end load of A2400. Runs 1740 fps. I had a Weaver 2.5x20mm on it by then. I like how they walked right in.

I've worked out 240g XTPs and 240 Magtech SJSP's with A2400, I get the same accuracy with either but they shoot to a different POI. I also worked out the Speer 210g with A2400 to 1850 fps, but liked the heavier bullets. All are similarly accurate, under 2" all the time at 100 and under 3" at 165 (that's the range of the convenient berm where I shoot).

I've worked up two loads in cast, .431 RNFP 200 & 240g with Unique. I push the 200g 1440 and the 240g 1390 with the same charge of powder. Both are under 2" (consistently) at 100 so I haven't messed around with what works.

I really like my 1895G but for comfort and just feeling like I can hit with it the 1894 has edged into being my favourite.
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