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.410 xlr loading issues

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Just bought new marlin .410 xlr yesterday, beautiful gun. Loaded four winny 1/4 oz slugs and wont feed into the chamber at all. Its like the extractor is way too tight, not even making contact and the slugs just lay flat ??? Had a similar problem with my 1895gs .45-70 and found info on bending the extractor, worked perfect for the guide gun!! Would you fine gentlemen know of any similar issues or your .410s? Thank you!
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Well turns out the guy who sold me the gun threw in the ammo for free so I didnt think anything about it but he gave me 3" shells ::), wow I feel stupid now! Mistakes happen I guess, still have to work in the extractor tho.
Does it only take 2 1/2" shells?
yes you are correct. I had some nice shells ordered online(2-1/2) and waiting, but got free ammo from the dealer, very nice guy. He threw in some ammo with the gun. I didnt think twice about the shells probably because I was amazed to the quality of the gun :)
I'm glad to hear that.
I just bought a 410 XLR & a 410 Lever Action from Cabelas (blued & walnut).

Don't have them in hand yet.............................

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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