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1972 Golden 39M - excellent shape but had signs of someone replacing the the ejector - otherwise really good shape. I inspected the screws on the left hand receiver side and noticed the two ejector base screws and the two side peep sight dummy screws are a little buggered up. Luckily, no receiver scratches, and I'm being picky here, and so want to replace. Ordered 'em from Remington (damn -live right near to the old (empty) North Haven site!) and they are on the way. Before the screws get here I need some advice.

The two peep sight dummy screws are simple enough to replace but my question is - can I take the two ejector base screws out and replace, one at a time, without having the ejector come loose? Can I simply unscrew one, replace - then do the other one without having any problems. I plan on using loctite and gunsmith quality drivers.

Also my finger lever is a little bit sloppy (again being a bit picky) and also ordered a new finger lever screw as first try to see if that tightens up some of the wiggle. If this screw doesn't do the trick and cure the wiggle, what material can I use to shim? One post suggested milk jug plastic cut to fit - too bubba?

Anyone have a link or info on how to smooth up the action with a stone? Seems like a good thing to do at the obvious wear points but is that the only places to work on while apart & degreased?

Any help on any of the above would be appreciated.

As an aside, I dressed my 39M up with an all iron Conetrol base and rings setup. Wow are they slick! They look so nice vs the weaver aluminum - excuse me - crap. Really really worth it! Now I need a Leupold - any suggestions on how to sneak one into a happily married house? Thanx.

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Before replacing the screws loosen both slightly, then when replacing alternate the amount of pressure until both are tight. I would however remove the unit to make sure you have no powder residue, which I'm sure you have.

For the lever, brass shim stock and small shim washers can be had at an industrial supply. The washers being harder to find. I had a mountie that had plastic shims and worked well, but then I sold the Mountie and don't know if they are still working or not, the present owner knows of the shims.

Pull the firing pin and check it for flatness also, some will bend over time and start binding. For the most part the 39 does not require a lot of stoning. Polish the contact points on the bolt, lever, and hammer.
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