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39AS broken part is this critical?

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High all,

Have been in searching for a good deal on my first 39A. Came across one someone wants to trade. Luckly due to this sight I am somewhat informed on what to look for even though I have never owned one (alwasys had 336's). All said and done my gun is worth between 275 and 350 depending on were you read. So here is the scoop on the 39AS.

Manufactured in 1987
Appears to have had wood refinished poorly. butt stock oversanded does not match up to metal or butt plate Finish gummed up would probably replace rear stock eventually.
Some bluing wear on barrel and reciever you can tell this gun was used.
Action smooth cycles easily When I open it up it was clean and recently oiled up wear on parts in action.
Ok now the big question as I was cleaning it and looking it over I noticed a real rough patch in the metal on the rear end of the barrel side of the reciever. This is located right above the half circle notch. Quick google found You Tube videos of someone taking one down and I could see the part that has broken off. It is the keeper for lack of a better term that goes under the bolt. Because I have never seen the inside of the gun personally until now I dont know if this provided both up and down and side to side suport for bolt. I can say that upon inspection from the exterior I had noticed that the rear of the bolt has alittle side to side movement but don't know if this is normal.
The guy gave it to me to look over and shoot to see if I wanted it. The problem is it shoots very well. Didnt notice the broken part until I took it down to clean it back up after shooting. First shot off hand dead center plenty of good follow up shots and I was just plinking.
So someone please talk some common sense into me. All the other issues I can fix but this one is not repairable. Sucks because it is a chance to get one without putting out cash.

As always thanks for the wealth of information you always provide
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Will work on the pictures. The missing / broken off rear bolt guide as I am calling it is obviously my bigest concern. Have to learn how to post pictures to show the rest
Here is a picture of action showing where the peice is missing
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JMHO, but I'd save up another $100-150 and buy one in a LOT better condition.
Personally, I wouldn't give anywhere near $275 for a gun in that condition.
Jayhawkhuntclub said:
JMHO, but I'd save up another $100-150 and buy one in a LOT better condition.
Personally, I wouldn't give anywhere near $275 for a gun in that condition.
Neither would I. A good gunsmith could repair it but it would be costly. I would pass and look for a good 39.
Here is a pic of what should be there. I figure a good tig welder could weld a mound there and it could be filed in. Me, if it was cheap enough and you could point out the defect to the current owner for a little less cash outlay.
That picture looks familiar! ;D
In looking, I believe the main function of the broken tab is to hold the bolt when you take the gun down. I do not think I would be too worried about it with the gun together. I would use it as a bargaining point to get the price down. I think about $100 off what you would give if it was undamaged would be a good deal. It will cost more than that to fix it. You would have to build it up file it down then reblue, as the welding would ruin the blue. Hope you can get a good deal on a shooter.
Thanks for the feed back , I too think that is the main purpose of the part and that is kind of what I was looking for as feedback. The main question I was wondering is what if you didn't fix it. When the gun is together it doen't appear that that part has a function. May be a stop for lever? As I dont have an intact one to compare to hard for me to figure. Would agree about waiting and spending 150 more to get a good one except I would be getting this one on trade so no money outlay. May even be able to work the deal alittle more.
Would have walked away already but I shot it. It shoots great. I dont have cash to go out and get another. Down the line will be looking for a earlier one that is perfect.
It would take someone with more skills than myself to properly repare this part. Would at bear minimum take another gun to know exactly how part is to be shaped.
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The only purpose of that missing triangular stud is to hold the bolt in place when the receiver is separated.
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