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39a with Leupold 2 x 7 scope combination

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Looking to scope on a new 39a, seems that the 2 x 7 Leupold seems to be a good choice. Is there anyone with experence with this combination? What type of scope mount did you use. And the last question did you do with a gloss or matte scope to match the rifle?
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Like you, Tyger, I thought the 2x7 Leupold Rimfire would make a good match with my 39A and I haven't been disappointed. I went with the gloss finish as I believe it's a better match with the Marlin finish...not as good as an old steel Weaver, but far more attractive than the matte scopes. I attached a standard Weaver base and mounted the scope using vintage Weaver low rings, the ones with the large slotted thumb screws.

Those rings, or the modern equivilant, are some of the lowest available, exactly what I was after. I did have to relieve the base a little to clear the power adjustment ring, a task that took but a few minutes with a dremel. Keep in mind these are the not the rimfire rings for a 3/8ths dovetail...even the lowest rimfire rings are considerably taller.

The scope itself was no surprise. Like any Leupold I've used, it's proven to be clear and crisp, with smooth and easy power change, and repeatable elevation and windage adjustments.

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I have the leupold vx1 gloss on my 80's 39a, it takes a weaver 90 mount . I've got an extra mount if you want to pm me.
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