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I have been reading with interest at certain posts regarding late model quality and issues regarding safety and rebounding hammer what ever that is?

I must say my old 1960 39a is perfect needs only cosmetic work only .

The build quality is a credit to the New Haven plant.
I suspect with the newer models the accountants have taken over and they will retro engineer parts to save a Bob or two.
I saw this when I was in the Army awhen the SLR 7.62 LIA1 was replaced with the 5.56 SA 80 L85a1.
It was built by the newly privatised Royal Ordnance factory .It was a load of rubbish no other country brought it and in the end there was a national outcry. Back in 1987 my unit was the Second to go operational in Northern Ireland with it ,it just fell aparts was prone to nasty jams.There was no left handed version and it could not be fired left handed-you work loose your teeth .So as plt Sgt at the time I had to put a return in for M16s to be issued to left handed firers-needless to say we did not have enough M16s ??.It wasn't until Desert Storm that the Goverment were forced to redesign the rifle -the polititions and MOD even blamed the solders -cheek The new model is very good but it took 14 years and a national outcry to sort out .

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Yup, wererabbit, QC seems to be a problem worldwide...good thing for all those international manufacturing/marketing agreements.

"Rebounding hammer" is a hammer that only reaches its fully forward position if the trigger is fully pulled to the rearward most position, and "rebounds" or bounces partway back after the shot is fired. Very similar to the pre-safety lock Smith&Wesson revolvers.

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