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39A Help Required

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Just got my 39a -its a 1960 model needs some TLC but she appears to be operating fine will find out at the range tomorrow.
I need some spares in England parts very very expensive I have looked on Ebay USA and some gun dealer sites -no one will ship to UK .
.I require a butt plate and a front sight assembly.
I do not mind used spares can anyone help


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I dont know what the cost of the parts would be here verses there as i havent priced them. I will offer to be the middle man for you if it helps.
I have an extra buttplate for a 39-A. I'd be happy to donate it to the cause....It is an aftermarket version but looks and works exactly like a Marlin factory buttplate. It requires 2 screws, but you can probably find them fairly easily. Send a PM as to where I should mail it.

Good luck finding the other stuff, send us a picture when you get her all fixed up!

Have you tried ? They might even have a Euro sight.
Good luck! They have a lot of 39 parts; just about every thing except the receiver and the barrel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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