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39 Z

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Just picked up a 39 golden rifle. Z serial so assuming that it is a 64 model.It has plain wood,and a stain finish.

I also have a AA model 39, and that one is a 65 model,but this one has checkered stocks,and a shiney varnish type finish.

Did marlin change the way they built the 39 between 64,and 65??? Or is my AA model a custom model?The AA is a buetiful rifle,btw.
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I am not close to my Brophy's book but if you post some pictures, we'd sure like to see them.

I could take a pic of the AA, but the new to me Z,,is currently all tore apart.Gun was a mess,and the stocks need refinishing, soon i will have it put back together.

Also, the Z has sling swivels,that are not removable,the front swivel is permanat.

The AA has just studs,for the swivels. Seems this changed in this time frame as well??

Ill get some pics together,,sometime. thanks,,,

I should fess up and say that i give 200 bucks for this old gun ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D ;D
I believe your 64 is correct. The checkering on your 65 is aftermarket. Marlin did not use checkering on the 39A until the early 1990’s. As to the swivels, the 64 sound correct. On the 65 someone has removed the wire part to use quick disconnect swivels.
Hope this helps. ;)
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