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I decided to load 35R today. It's raining and I'm home alone so I open up the HDY. #8 book got the 200gr.FTX, WLR primer, Leverevolution powder and 50 prepared Rem. cases. Trim to 1.910". The data in this book lists leverevolution data with a max charge of 42.7gr. and under the picture of the FTX bullet it stated ( C.O.L. 2.540 )

I started with two each of 39.5gr. to 42.5gr. for test fire all else were 42.7gr.. With a block of 50 cases charged I then seated the bullet to a C.O.L. of 2.540". The case didn't touch the cannelure so I check the book again. I looked at the general cartridge description and components at the head of the page, the C.O.L. was 2.525"

I have reloaded 35R 200gr. FTX. bullets but with H4895 using the data off the Hornady website, no problem. I went back to the HDY. website and the C.O.L. was 2.495". This is was the C.O.L. I used before. OKAY

I call Hornady up and spoke to a technician. He was surprised when he check it himself and said he was going to bring it up to their attention. His only suggestion was to work up the load with a C.O.L. that would work in my rifle. I said Yeah okay thanks.

Big story for a rainy day. But I would like to know is has anyone loaded the 35R cartridge with the 200gr. FTX and Leverevolution powder using a charge of 42.7gr.? And how did it go?

T :) NY
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